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On Wednesday, Nyla Rose become the first ever transgender woman to win a championship in a major American wrestling promotion.

She defeated Japanese star Riho to become the All Elite Wrestling women's world champion on the latest edition of AEW Dynamite in a match which won instant rave reviews from fans.

It goes without saying that this is a significant moment for LGBTQ+ rights in an industry that is predominantly dominated by cis straight men, and was rightly celebrated by those in attendance and many at home.

Frustratingly, this landmark result was overshadowed both by online trolls making transphobic comments and live television commentator Jim Ross, who managed to misgender Rose during her celebrations.

As the 37-year-old, who also works as an actor, celebrated her victory, 68-year-old Ross, who began calling wrestling matches in 1974, said that Rose was now "the king of the mountain."

While it's likely that Ross meant nothing by this comment, it is still a undoubtedly ignorant to use the word 'king' in this situation regardless of which woman won the match.

Fans at home immediately heard Ross's mistake and reacted with disappointment and anger at the commentator, who is regarded as a legend in the business.

Indeed, Ross has since responded to the criticism and although he didn't offer a complete apology he did put it down to 'human error'.

Rose has previously spoken about the negative comments that she receives, putting it down to the confusing feelings that she can cause people to have.

Speaking to the Ring the Bell podcast, she said:

I feel like a lot of people are kind of projecting their own unhappiness on to me, and using me as an outlet. A punching bag, if you will. It sucks, and please stop doing it.

I celebrate Christmas. You can give me that for Christmas, just effing stop. But I get it.

Some people are a little bit confused. Because for some reason a lot of male fans when they watch wrestling, they judge how good it is by how funny their pants feel.

So when I come on the TV and their pants feel tingly, they get a little confusing. I get that. But it’s OK.

It doesn’t change anything about you that doesn’t want to change. You don’t have to have some internal conflict struggle.

But if you want to talk about it we can just please stop calling me names.

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