People think these photos from the Olympics look a lot like pornography

Picture: NBC Screengrab
Picture: NBC Screengrab

NBC has been censoring Olympic swimmers with the infamous 'black bar', and now the games look rather smutty.

In a bid to make swimming more family friendly, NBC, who successfully bid to broadcast the Olympics in the US, has been censoring the male athletes' Speedo areas.

As an Indy100 exclusive, we can reveal that NBC has acted swiftly and professionally to deal with the nudity. This is not an overreaction, and 'naked-diving' has definitely become a legitimate Olympic sport.

Somebody please think of the children.

'Steele Johnson' Have you no shame?

This is all just too much. Thank god for NBC.

Picture: NBC

As we all know, the first nude swimmer was Tom Daley, who began the sport in 2012. While this was an attempt at a bold new sport, we can't help but think it detracts from the integrity of the games.

Picture: BBC/Cinemahomensepipoca


There's obviously a joke to be made about water-sports here. Behave yourselves.

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