Cristiano Ronaldo blasts Man United's owners: 'They don't care about the club'

Following footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s bombshell interview with TV host Piers Morgan, people across the footballing world have been reacting to his comments, leading Morgan to use footballer Gary Neville’s own words against him.

In the interview that has been released just before the break for the World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo told Morgan he believes he has been “betrayed” by Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag.

The interview has unsurprisingly prompted a strong reaction, but responding to the criticism, Morgan suggested that Ronaldo was just doing what another “United legend” Neville asked of him.

Morgan shared a tweet posted by Neville back in August when the team was in disarray, which read: “Why does the greatest player of all time (in my opinion) have to wait two weeks to tell Manchester United fans the truth?

“Stand up now and speak. The club is in crisis and it needs leaders to lead. He’s the only one who can grab this situation by the scruff of the neck!”

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The former United player trolled Ronaldo on Wednesday, joking that viewers should tune in to watch his team Salford United play instead of watching the interview.

Neville also told Sky Sports: “I agree with some of the things Cristiano has said, and many Manchester United fans will agree with many things Cristiano has said, but the reality is if you're an employee within a business and say those things your employment has to terminate, and Manchester United have to do that in the next few days.”

Morgan then used Neville's words from August against him, tweeting: “To all those attacking @Cristiano for speaking out and telling the truth… he’s only doing what United legends were calling for him to do….”

Neville hit back arguing: “Would have been more useful 3 months ago (when my tweet was sent) when the team were in dire trouble than after the last game before a 6 week break but like I said in my interview I’m happy he’s spoken out.”

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