'I'll take them on': TikTok star slams Manly players who ditched pride jersey

'I'll take them on': TikTok star slams Manly players who ditched pride jersey
Rugby players in Australia to boycott match over team decision to wear ...

A TikTok star has gone viral after calling out the “homophobic” Manly Sea Eagles players who refused to wear a pride jersey.

Scott O'Halloran from Melbourne criticised the seven players from the Sydney-based team who boycotted a championship match in protest of the new jersey which features rainbow bands.

Manly Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler said the players refused to wear the jersey on “religious and cultural” grounds.

In a video posted to O’Halloran’s brother, Luke’s TikTok account, Scott addressed the players who refuse to wear the jersey directly.

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“Listen up, you fellas. When you put on your jersey you represent the sport and your team, not your religion,” he said in the clip.


Scotts thoughts on the NRL players refusing to wear their teams pride jersey #brother #fyp #nrl #pride

“There are fans at home that are Black, white, brown, Christian, Muslim, trans, gay, bi, straight. Who the f*** are you to define the validity of that jersey?

“Because the last time I looked, it’s the members that pay really big bucks, and the sponsors that pay even bigger bucks to keep you’re a** employed.”

Scott went on to say: “Now you either go and chuck that jersey on, and you do your job, or I’m asking your club to stand you down permanently for your outdated, backwards, and homophobic views because let’s be really f***ing clear here, it’s got nothing to do with religion.

“I have a lot of religious friends that do not have a problem with my sexuality at all.”

He was widely praised for his comments, which also saw him call on AFL and NRL fans and players, as well as people of faith, to share the video and “stand with the LGBT+ community”.

The video was widely praised by social media users Scott O'Halloran/Getty

“Let us know that we are included in Australian sports,” he said. “Be an ally and not a homophobe, it’s really f***ing ugly and tiring.”

Later, he spoke to the Daily Mail and said he’d ‘take the players on’ himself.

“A lot of kids and adults are still coming out to me daily on Instagram and TikTok,” he said. “It’s so important to speak up on this. I will be a fierce as I f****** can be. I was given a voice.”

The TikToker added: “I am the voice for the ones that are still in the closet.

He went on: “Last night someone used the term "f******" to me' seven times in one message. Put me on the field I'll take these seven players on.

“I feel like I'm 10 men. I still feel like we're giving voices to the wrong people. People of influence are being too quiet”.

Since the game was boycotted by the seven players, the Manly Sea Eagles owner has stated that the players who boycotted the match have now agreed to wear pride jerseys.

Scott Penn told 9News: “I think they were somewhat frustrated that it went as far as it did without consultation, and we respect that.

“We are all about inclusiveness, so we will continue this theme.”

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