Proof that you should always, always keep your eye on the ball

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 13 March 2015 15:40

As anyone who has played sport will be able to tell you: always keep your eye on the ball.

Whether that's playing golf or football, or even sitting in the crowd at a basketball game. Ok, especially when sitting in the crowd at a basketball game.

A woman was mindlessly looking at something on the mobile phone of her companion at a game between the Charlotte Hornets and Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night when she was taught this invaluable lesson.


As shooting guard launched Lance Stephenson the ball cross court, it was deflected ever so slight over his teammate and unfortunately hit her square in the face, knocking her glasses to the floor.

As Mashable points out, a similar incident happened at a Hornets game last year.


Even players should be following this rule, as this example from a Creighton Bluejays game shows:


This guy knows the drill:

Note: Reports say the woman at the Hornets game suffered a slight nosebleed but was not badly injured. She managed to watch the game to its conclusion; the Kings winning 113-106.

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