CM Punk posts suggestive Cody Rhodes image in response to Rhea Ripley's 'stink face' video

CM Punk posts suggestive Cody Rhodes image in response to Rhea Ripley's 'stink face' video
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CM Punk has had a hilarious response to a now-viral video of his WWE colleague Rhea Ripley performing a 'stink face' on a recent house show.

A video of Ripley from a show in Springfield, Illinois has captured the imagination of wrestling fans and it's easy to see why.

During a triple threat match, also involving Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the women's world champion made a call back to a WWE legend in the form of Rikishi and his infamous 'stink face' manoeuvre.

If you are a wrestling fan of a certain age, you'll no doubt remember the 'stink face'. If you don't recall, the move involved Rikishi rubbing his large exposed backside in the face of his opponent, to embarrass them rather than hurt them.

The move has been rarely seen in the WWE since Rikishi had his last match with the company in 2004. That was until Ripley did it to Jax on March 23rd and promptly broke the internet.

The clip has been the talk of WWE for the past few days and it's no surprise that other superstars are hoping to get their own viral moment.

One of those is CM Punk, who made a very daring suggestion on his Instagram Stories.

The former WWE and AEW champion wrote on a post: "I see what Rhea Ripley is doing on house shows and I'm prepared to raise the bar. See you tomorrow in Chicago."

Punk then posted a doctored picture of himself and Cody Rhodes appearing to kiss.

Punk also added: "Live TV is the best, let's all swear."

The image itself appears to have given Punk the viral fame he desired as people are now salivating over the prospect of Punk and Rhodes kissing.

Tonight's WWE Raw show in Chicago will mark Punk's first appearance on Raw since he announced that he had sustained an injury during the Royal Rumble match in January which will prevent him for competing at this year's Wrestlemania.

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