Robbie Savage tries to join Leicester City bandwagon, gets absolutely, er, savaged by local journalist

Robbie Savage tries to join Leicester City bandwagon, gets absolutely, er, savaged by local journalist

The incredible rise of Leicester City was not foreseen by many. The East Midlands club, who battled relegation last season, were installed as title favourites last week.

Among the latest to hail their success is former midfielder Robbie Savage:

But things haven't always been so. Much like fellow former Leicester player Gary Lineker, Savage railed against the appointment of Claudio Ranieri and dismissed their

His change of tune was seized by Leicester Mercury journalist James Sharpe who, while describing Savage's playing style as a "headless rooster impression", talked about listening to the former midfielder on BBC 5 Live's 606 phone-in, Sharpe recalled:

Robbie was discussing Leicester's impending march to the Premier League title. And how they were definitely going to win it.

This was the very same Robbie Savage who, on the very same show, a few months earlier, had insisted over and over again that Leicester definitely could not win the league.

'They can't win it! Of course they can't!' he scoffed as jubilant City fans phoned in after yet another victory, without giving much of a reason why they couldn't, other than shouting 'they just can't' over the top of anyone with half a reasoned argument.

Bemoaning the "army of fans" who miraculously appear when a team starts to do well, Sharpe continued to lay into Savage for using the word "we" and highlighted his fickle loyalties over the years - with pictures showing the Welshman kissing the Blackburn Rovers badge as well as bowing to Derby County fans.

Since when did Leicester City and Robbie Savage become a we?

I don't remember there being much of a 'we' when you came back to the Walkers after your move to Birmingham and kissed the new badge after they scored.

Where was the 'we' when you bowed in front of the Derby fans when you came back here with the Rams in 2009..?

Don't say we. Keep that for your celebrations if Derby eventually get promoted.

Or the commiserations when they bottle it again.


Read Sharpe's full column here

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