Bristol rugby player gives the most eccentric interview you’ll see all week

Bristol rugby player gives the most eccentric interview you’ll see all week

Sportsmen don’t tend to be known for their eloquent turns of phrase but rugby player Max Lahiff appears to be an exception to the rule…

The Bristol Bears front row prop has gone viral on social media in recent days after giving an eccentric and surprisingly poetic pre-match interview ahead of his team’s match against Wasps.

To set the scene, Lahiff starts the interview with his head pushed aggressively against a goal post before intensely explaining how he wants to “put a number” on the opposing team.

Towards the end of the clip, he says:

“Usually when the fans are here, everyone’s just wanting that release, that stimulation, just to watch a macabre sport of gladiatorial confrontation and you feed off that as athletes ... you love it, love it!

“Unfortunately that’s not today, but I’m looking forward to getting right in amongst it and intimate, in the best kind of way, with the men from Wasps – canny foxes.”

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You can find the clip in full below:

Lahiff’s unusual style has already made him a “cult hero” in Bristol but thanks to Friday’s clip, his reputation is beginning to spread further:

The rugby player is also known for his unconventional approach to Twitter – which has seen him produce even more creative turns of phrase...

In one recent tweet, Lahiff commented on the practice of “jackalling” – a style of tackling that has been known to cause injuries – in typically philosophical fashion:

Other tweets offer more general musings about life:

Wise words from a wise man...

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