Ryan Garcia baffles boxing fans after being seen rapping alongside an orangutan

Ryan Garcia baffles boxing fans after being seen rapping alongside an orangutan
Ryan Garcia claims he was drinking leading to Haney fight

Boxer Ryan Garcia has left people baffled after posting a video rapping in a car with an orangutan sitting next to him eating grapes.

Last month, the 25-year-old boxer beat fellow American Devin Haney in a decision win. It came after Garcia was seen posting “crazy” content online displaying concerning behaviours, which he later claimed was as a deliberate act to fool people.

It seems it hasn’t taken long for the unusual content to make a return following the fight, after Garcia shared a bizarre video on his Instagram.

In a clip that has since gone viral, Garcia sat in the passenger seat of a stationary luxury-looking car with purple seats.

The speakers played Garcia’s own song 'Blessed, Highly Favored' as he rapped along to the lyrics about making money and boxing, while a primate, believed to be named Georgina, sat in the driver’s seat munching on grapes.

He captioned the post on Instagram: “Georgina is blessed and highly Favored. My life is a movie. I got crazier s*** then this.”

A clip from the bizarre moment went viral on X/Twitter, after being shared by the combat sport account Happy Punch, and people could hardly believe their eyes.

One person pointed out: “That Orangutan could ruin everybody's night if he feel like it. They lucky he just vibing with his grapes.”

Another joked: “When I really make it I won’t say anything, but there will be signs.”

Someone else wrote: “Nah. I’ve watched this like 10x. The orangutan is so unimpressed with humanity.”

Orangutans are native to the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia, though in some countries, there are no explicit laws against the private ownership of monkeys as pets. It is unclear where the animal in the clip came from and why it was there.

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