Stan Collymore praised for two word response to homophobic troll

Stan Collymore praised for two word response to homophobic troll
Collymore slams Twitter

Former footballer Stan Collymore has clapped back at a homophobic troll on Twitter/X with a rather surprising and refreshing reply.

52-year-old Collymore who played for Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, Leicester City and Aston Villa throughout his lengthy career has been open about his struggles with mental health having being diagnosed with clinical depression, stress and anxiety shortly before his retirement in 2001.

He recently shared a video of him going through a mental health session which involved intense walking and running sessions on a treadmill.

There was nothing particularly eye-catching in the video but one troll decided to zone in on one minute detail which was Collymore's t-shirt which he had wrapped around the back of his neck and his shoulders.

The troll decided to be homophobic in their response by asking the former England international: "What's with the gay look with the t shirt around the neck? I’d really like to know…….."

Rather candidly, Collymore simply responded by saying "I'm gay."

Collymore short but pointed response has since gone viral with many people praising the footballer for calling out homophobia. One person said: "This beats @JamesBlunt just because it's perfect"

Another wrote: "I f**king love Stan Collymore."

A third said: "I swear this is a scene from Scary Movie! Well played @StanCollymore."

Collymore, who has nearly 900,000 followers on X/Twitter often uses the platform to speak about mental health


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