WWE Survivor Series results Live: Seth Rollins swears at CM Punk following shock return

WWE Survivor Series results Live: Seth Rollins swears at CM Punk following shock return
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WWE Survivor Series has seen the shocking return of CM Punk to the company that he walked out on in 2014 to a huge reception in his hometown of Chicago.

Punk, who was fired from AEW in September, made his return right at the end of the show after Team Cody Rhodes had won the main event.

The former WWE Champion didn't say or do anything but he got a gigantic reception from the fans. Reports have suggested that the return was kept secret even to WWE staff and Punk didn't even show up at the arena right until the end of the event.

Elsewhere, Randy Orton returned to the ring for the first time since May 2022 and helped Cody's team defeat Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre in WarGames. In the other WarGames match, Bianca BelAir's team beat Damage CTRL in probably the best match of the night.

Gunther and Rhea Ripley retained their respective titles while Santos Escobar defeated Dragon Lee in the other match on the card.

However, CM Punk is gonna steal the headlines for the next few days in the wrestling world and his return will be what this show is remembered for.

In conclusion...

Well, that was Survivor Series. In ring the show ticked along fine but outside of the women's WarGames match there isn't much worth going out of your way for. CM Punk's return and the aftermath involving Rollins is what the show will be remembered for and that's fine. In the meantime, we'll just have to see what WWE have in store for Punk and how the rest of the locker room react to his return.

Rollins hurls insults at Punk

Even more footage has emerged of Rollins yelling expletives and showing his middle finger to Punk while being restrained.

Drew McIntyre reportedly storms out of arena

This per PWInsider, McIntyre was said to be noticeably angry after the WarGames match and stormed to the locker room before quickly leaving the arena. It's not obvious as to why he was so upset.

Seth Rollins visibly angry at Punk's return

Fan footage has emerged of Seth Rollins' reaction to CM Punk's return and he did not look happy. The World Champion could be working fans but he had previously been vocal about his dislike of Punk calling him a 'cancer' and that he should stay away from WWE. In the footage, Rollins can been seen having to be restrained by the likes of Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Triple H shares picture of him and Punk

"Might cold day in hell" - amen to that.

Punk breaks silence on WWE return

Triple H comments on CM Punk's return

HHH says in the post-show press conference that the deal with Punk "came together quickly" and that "Love him hate him, whatever you want to say, people talk about him, all the time."

HHH is also asked if TKO pushed back on the Punk deal given his previous controversies. He says that wasn't the case and implied that the TKO top brass would have said 'holy shit' at the return.

News on Punk's deal

As per PWInsider, Punk's deal is said to be 'several years in length' and that they only had communications with Punk in the last week. In addition WWE see this as "a new beginning.”

More details on Punk's return.

This via Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful:

"CM Punk told at least one person close to him he had an hour long conversation with Triple H last week. WWE staff, reps, creative had no idea. He walked through the back in plain site minutes before he appeared. They had cleared an area out. Triple H took over calling the show in the last couple of minutes and called for the copyright logo. Even many in production didn't know."


What just happened? We don't know what to say. It looked for certain that Punk wasn't showing up and then they pulled the rug from right underneath us. Guess we'll have to watch the post-show press conference now.


WTF!!!! CM Punk just showed up at the end of Survivor Series to an insane reaction. He didn't do anything except get a huge reaction and walk around for a bit but what a moment.

Team Cody wins!

Well...Orton arrives and runs riot through the Judgment Day and McIntyre with McDonagh taking an RKO from the top of the cage. Rhodes wins the match with the Cross Rhodes on Priest.


Absolute chaos as Rhea Ripley turns up to try and allow Damien Priest to cash in Money in the Bank on Seth Rollins who had just been put through a table only for Orton to finally show up to a huge pop!

Dominik Mysterio enters last for Judgment Day

Will Orton show up for Team Cody?

Cody Rhodes enters the match

Cody follows in his father and his brother's footsteps by entering a WarGames match and he immediately has a bullrope in his hand.

Drew McIntyre enters the match

The former WWE Champion has only one thing on his mind; getting his hands on Jey Uso and immediately targets the former Bloodline member.

Sami Zayn enters WarGames

After his star making performance in last year's War Games, Sami Zayn has once again entered the match.

Damien Priest enters next

Senor Money in the Bank is now in the match but an added wrinkle sees him cut off Drew McIntyre from exiting the holding pen telling the Scottish superstar to 'stick to the plan.'

Jey Uso enters second for Team Cody

The man who most of this match is built around, Jey Uso, is now in the match. Lets hope he carries the same vibes as his entrance into WarGames.

JD McDonagh enters second for Judgment Day

The former Jordan Devlin enters the match for Judgment Day.

Match starts with CM Punk chants

If he doesn't turn up now there might be a riot.

Seth Rollins starts for Team Cody

World Champion Seth Rollins is starting for his team and there is still no sign of Randy Orton.

Finn Balor starts match for Team Judgment Day


One half of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions Finn Balor starts things for his team in WarGames.

Randy Orton still not here

Orton is still apparently not at the arena and the babyface team are stressed. Surely not a surprise partner? That would be unthinkable.

Rhea Ripley retains

NGL - that was pretty rough with Stark taking some nasty looking bumps. All worked out in the end as Ripley retained with the Riptide! Now time for the main event...

CM Punk referenced on AEW

Let's not forget that AEW also has shows on tonight and here is Malakai Black dropping CM Punk's name on Collision on the very same day as Survivor Series!

Rhea Ripley defends Women's World Championship

In the blink of an eye we're already on to our last non-WarGames match of the evening as The Judgment Day's Rhea Ripley defends her Women's World Championship against plucky upstart Zoey Stark

Escobar wins

And just like that Escobar wins. A decent match but ended just as it was getting going. Hopefully WWE give more chances to Lee as he could have the crossover appeal that prime Rey Mysterio once had.

Santos Escobar vs Dragon Lee next

A match with a stuttering build is up next as Dragon Lee replaces Carlito to face Santos Escobar for the rights to call themselves the next Rey Mysterio or something like that. Should be a good match but is probably the least anticipated match on the card. Surprisingly this is a first time match as the two never even met when they were in Mexico.

Gunther beats Miz and is still Intercontinental Championship

Gunther beats The Miz in a decent back and fourth match with a few close near falls that almost had fans believe that The Ring General was going to lose. Thankfully, all is well in the world and Gunther's title reign continues.

More CM Punk chants

After Randy Orton was teased as not being at the arena yet for the main event, fans ignited in fresh 'CM Punk' chants believing the former WWE Champion will return tonight.

Chris Jericho mentioned on WWE television

Michael Cole referenced that if The Miz beats Gunther he will tie the record for the most Intercontinental title reigns with nine. The current holder of that record? AEW star Chris Jericho. Clearly Jericho is still well liked in WWE, at least enough to acknowledge him by name on a PLE.

Intercontinental Championship match up next


We're about to find out who good Gunther really is as he looks to get a good match out of The Miz and extend his already record breaking Intercontinental Championship reign.

Team Bianca BelAir win WarGames


Team BelAir pick up the win after zeroing in on Bayley who was hit by a spear, senton, a KOD and then an avalanche Manhandle Slam from the top rope.

A fun way to start the show with some ridiculous high spots.


Anything IYO can do, Charlotte can do better. An unbelievable moonsault from the top of the cage followed by a reconciliation between Flair and Lynch.

IYO SKY dives off top of cage inside a trashcan

'The Genius of Sky' takes a huge risk with a blind dive onto everyone below (thanks to an assist from Dakota Kai) allowing Asuka to enter the match last and mop up the pieces and allow WarGames to officially begin.

Kairi Sane enters

The former NXT Women's Champion has already won entrance of the night.

Bianca BelAir enters the match next

The leader of Team EST is now in the match and is already doing some serious damage with her braids.

IYO SKY enters second for Damage CTRL

The WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY is now in the ring for Damage CTRL and is amazingly entering her fifth WarGames match! See a highlight of one of her previous efforts in the match above.

Shotzi enters second for Team EST


Shotzi is in second for the babyface and is immediately going for the weapons. We just hope that's the extent of the risks she takes...

Scratch that, she's been in the ring 60 seconds and already landed on top of her head.

Main show kicks off with Women's WarGames match


Survivor Series begins with the Women's War Games match with Team EST taking on Damage CTRL with the babyface team having the advantage in the match.

Becky Lynch will start the match for her team while Bayley starts for Damage CTRL.

Fans chant for Randy Orton

One man who is guaranteed to return tonight is 'The Viper' Randy Orton and fans are clearly excited in the Allstate Arena. Orton has been out of action since May 2022.

Booker T reacts to CM Punk chants

Booker T, who is part of the Kick Off panel tonight, appeared to acknowledge the CM Punk chants heard on the show. A fun interaction with fans or a subtle nod to something else?

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins react to CM Punk chants

CM Punk chants were also vocal after Smackdown went off the air on Friday with Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes helpless as to what they should do in response.

CM Punk chants heard on Kick Off

Audible CM Punk chants are already being heard both inside and outside the arena, especially during the Kick Off show. If he doesn't show up, there will be a lot of unhappy fans in that venue.

Will CM Punk return?


In what will be either the best kept secret in WWE history or the most negative reaction on WWE TV since Royal Rumble 2015, rumours of a CM Punk return at Survivor Series are rife. All reports from the wrestling world suggest that he wont and hasn't signed a contract but you just never know when if comes to this sport. We've compiled everything we know about the situation surrounding the Second City Saint here.

How to watch


As the excitement in Chicago builds its also worth checking how to actually watch the show. We have all the info for you here including the times for around the world and match card.

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