Man forced to go on date with 'Taylor Swift' after losing fantasy football league

Man forced to go on date with 'Taylor Swift' after losing fantasy football league
Jam Press

A bloke was forced to go on a date with a cardboard cut-out of Taylor Swift after losing at fantasy football.

Greig Dick was forced to sit at a table with it as a forfeit for coming last in his league.

Unlucky Greig and his date were both given a menu at a local restaurant in Motherwell, Scotland.

A grinning waitress took their order.

The fake Taylor was later taken to a casino where Greig put a £22 bet on red – a nod to the singer's hit tune and album.

Later she joined the lad and his mates for a pint in a pub.

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Jam Press

Pal Gregor Sleith said: "A boy in our team was in a fantasy football league with his mates.

“The lad who finished bottom for the year had to do a public forfeit.

"They made him sit at a table at a restaurant with a cut out as a date."

Football fans have praised the humiliating penalty.

The official Fantasy Premier League account called it "incredible."

Elsewhere, Donagh Barry said: "At least he can scroll away on his mobile phone without being given out to."

Jason added: "Where do I sign up to be 'punished' by going on a date with a cutout of Taylor Swift?"

Arthur Fowler said: "She's pretty fit to be fair."

Mac added: "Decent night out that. Cheap and quiet."

Jam Press

James Caiger added: "This is amazing."

Another football fan said: "I’ve been on worse dates."

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