The map of Europe according to which sport each is country is best at

As we head into a Euro 2016 summer, we are reminded (partly due to the presence of Fabian Delph in the squad) that England isn't very good at its national sport - football.

We are, however, quite good at rugby league - in the world rankings of which we currently occupy third place.

So what are each country's national sports in Europe?

This was a question that Reddit user u/PetevonPete sought to answer when he created a map of the countries of Europe based on their highest ranked sport.

We've simplified it a little - if a country ranked fifth for both rugby league, basketball or handball for example, then we said they were best and handball on the basis that more countries are featured in handball's governing body's world rankings (as in France's case).

It looks a little like this:

For the full size image click here.

Surprisingly, Germany is the only number one ranked country in Europe for the surveyed sports.

Who knew we were such a rubbish continent?

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