Chelsea: Blue through and through
Chelsea: Blue through and through

On Wednesday morning, a Nottingham University professor tweeted out a picture of the 92 league football teams in England arranged by political party.

Philip Cowley assigned each team a colour based on which political party held the seat where their stadium is located.

His research showed that the red of Labour dominates the football league map - with 55 of the clubs having MPs from Ed Miliband's party.

The Conservatives have only 29 across the four leagues, and just one representative in the top flight - the very blue Chelsea - in upmarket West London.

Interesting that Labour should be so dominant? Or should that be expected: football being the traditional working class sport and Labour being the traditional working-class political party?

As a comparison we thought we'd run the same test on teams from the Premiership of rugby union - the traditional sport of the upper classes and hence, we would expect to see the Tories dominate.

However, using Cowley's same method - running the location of each club's stadium through Democratic Dashboard - we can see that there is an even balance of Labour and Conservatives (five each), with two representatives for the Lib Dems.

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