Fans of London football clubs ranked in order of reputation

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Wednesday 04 March 2015 19:20
Actually, seven per cent of Londoners like them

Although football fans are often (and unfairly for the most part) given a bad name, only supporters of three clubs in the nation's capital leave an overall negative impression upon their fellow Londoners.

In light of the recent incident involving Chelsea fans on the Paris metro, YouGov asked Londoners to rate their impressions of fans of the city's clubs in the top three divisions - Premier League, Championship and League One.

While Millwall, who traditionally have one of the worst reputations, came out bottom, Chelsea and West Ham supporters were the only others to be given a negative rating.

Firstly the respondents were asked whether they had encountered fans of the club before, and secondly they were asked whether they had a positive or negative impression of them.

Here are the results, based on the difference between the percentage who had a positive impression and those who had a negative impression, in descending order:

1. Fulham: +18

2. Arsenal: +15

3. Brentford: +14

4. QPR: +11

5. Leyton Orient: +10

=. Charlton: +10

7. Crystal Palace: +8

8. Tottenham: +3

9. West Ham: -5

10. Chelsea: -30

11. Millwall: -38

The table below shows the percentage of respondents who say they have encountered fans from each club:

The table below shows a breakdown of those who had a positive impression and those who had a negative one:

As YouGov's Will Dahlgreen points out, although the percentage of those who said they had an impression (negative and positive combined) of a club's supporters generally matched the number of those who said they had actually encountered the fans, Millwall were the clear exception.

Although only 12 per cent of Londoners have encountered their fans, 52 per cent have an impression of them, suggesting that their reputation precedes them.

  • Will Dahlgreen, YouGov

You can view YouGov's full results here.

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