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What ties Manchester United and Liverpool fans, other than the Europa League round of last 16? They're also the most likely fans in the Premier League to live nowhere near the home ground.

Research from 37,167 YouGov Profiles has revealed that Manchester United and Liverpool fans have the lowest concentration of local support, while Swansea City and Stoke City have the highest.

YouGov measured the distribution of fans in different regions using profiles, taking the two largest concentrations of fans in regions to find which clubs had the most 'local' fans.

Swansea had the most 'local' fans, with 76 per cent coming from Wales and 6 per cent from the South West.

Meanwhile both United and Liverpool had only 29 per cent of fans coming from the North West.

Remarkably the next most popular region for both clubs was 11 per cent of fans coming from the South East - the opposite end of the country.

Ten per cent of United's fans could be found in London, compared to 9 per cent of Liverpool's.

This can perhaps easily be explained by the popularity of the clubs, pervading generations and communities, spreading as families move around the country over decades.

We're not saying it's a measure of plastic fans. We wouldn't ever say that.

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