This was probably the most expensive smoke in the history of the world

Laremy Tunsil is an offensive tackle who's just left the University of Mississippi. Ahead of the NFL draft first round on Thursday night he was also one of the most sought after American Football players in the country.

Being a top pick in the draft - where teams from around the country choose new college recruits for the upcoming season - can result in a pay day of millions and millions of dollars.

Unfortunately for Tunsil, a video was posted to his Twitter account just minutes before the draft started. Although it was quickly deleted, it was undoubtedly the biggest story of the draft:

It appeared to show Tunsil taking a hit from a "gas mask bong".

As the draft got underway, team after team who had been expected to pick him decided to pass.

He was eventually chosen by the Miami Dolphins in the 13th pick.

In a press conference for his new team, Tunsil said:

Somebody hacked into my account man. You know, I made that mistake several years ago and somehow somebody got into my photos and hacked my Twitter account. And apparently somebody's hacked my Instagram account.

The Instagram hack referred to screengrabs of a text message exchange in which the player asked his coach at Mississippi for help in paying his bills.

When pressed as to whether the posts were authentic, Tunsil repeated he line:

I’m here to talk about the Miami Dolphins.

As Fortune reports, the Baltimore Ravens - with the sixth pick in the draft - were eyeing up Tunsil. That could have earned him $20.4 million (£17.8m), according to contract projector Spotrac.

Had he been chosen by the San Diego Chargers as the number three pick, as predicted by SBNation he could have earned around $25.8m.

Being picked by the Dolphins, he is predicted to earn $12.4m.

Or $13.4m less than at the Chargers.

Now that's one expensive hit from a bong.

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