Tom Brady refused to leave field so he could earn his buddy $500,000

Is Tom Brady the friend we all need?

During Sunday’s game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers, Brady went the extra mile to ensure his longtime friend Rob Gronkowski, ended with a bang.

Gronkowski started off the game with the possibility of walking away with $1m in incentive bonuses. All the NFL player needed to ensure a lucrative payday was seven catches and 85 receiving yards to hit two separate bonuses of $500,000 each.

As the game neared the end, Gronkowski had already hit the yardage bonus and had under seven minutes to ensure he reached the second one.

That’s when Brady stepped in.

Footage of Brady shows the player retrieving his helmet and refusing to come out of the game, despite the coaches’ initial request.

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Shortly after, Brady ensured Gronkowski walked away with the full bonus of $1m dollars by conducting a short pass near the sideline.

Once that was done and over with, Brady came out of the game, proving his motive for staying in was nothing more than helping his teammate out.

Tampa Bay won the game 41-17.

The two used to play for the New England Patriots and moved teams to Buccaneers together (and even poked fun at their joint decision to move in a hilarious T-Mobile commercial).

This isn’t the first time Brady has gone out of his way to help his teammates earn some extra dough.

According to NBC Sports, Brady threw three shovel passes to Antonio Brown last season to give him 45 receptions for the season, meeting an incentive that paid him a nice amount of $250,000.

In response to the epic display of camaraderie, people shared their love for Brady online.

“Friends don’t let friends come out of a game that’s clinched until they get their $500,000 bonus for receptions. He had reached a similar bonus for receiving yards earlier in the game. Gronk to Brady: Thanks a million,” wrote Rick Stroud.

“SOME quarterbacks are good teammates and know when it’s okay to defy the coaches’ calls,” said another.

“Love this,” wrote Ben Volin.

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