Tony Khan applauded for committing to 'kayfabe' with neck brace during NFL Draft

Tony Khan applauded for committing to 'kayfabe' with neck brace during NFL Draft
Tony Khan wears neck brace during NFL Draft
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Tony Khan, the owner of both All Elite Wrestling and the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars has been applauded for committing to 'kayfabe' during Thursday's NFL Draft.

41-year-old Khan was seen sporting a neck brace during the first round of the 2024 Draft following an storyline angle on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite.

In the story, Khan, who is rarely seen on the wrestling show, was attacked by the returning Jack Perry who has aligned himself with the villainous Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada, collectively known as The Elite.

After being punched in the stomach by Perry, Khan was then given the Young Bucks' modified version of the piledriver, known as the TK Driver, which saw Khan dropped on his head, albeit safely.

The aftermath saw many wrestlers rush to the ring and also saw his 73-year-old father Shad Khan make his first appearance on AEW, to check if his son was OK.

Thankfully Khan was all smiles on Thursday during the draft even though he was wearing a neck brace, which his father appeared to be tickled by and impressed by his son's commitment to the bit.

Khan was even told to "hang in there buddy" by commentators who referenced the neck brace and the incident that prompted him to wear it.

Many have since applauded Khan for "keeping kayfabe alive." Kayfabe is a wrestling term which means that wrestlers have committed to keeping their characters and stories real, even outside of the ring.

Even Pat McAfee, who works for AEW's rival WWE, couldn't get enough of it.

Lastly, AEW's own Roderick Strong, who wore a neckbrace on TV for months and coined the term 'Neck Strong' paid tribute to his boss.

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