NFL fans turn on Travis Kelce after Taylor Swift hand gesture: 'can't stomach this s***'

NFL fans turn on Travis Kelce after Taylor Swift hand gesture: 'can't stomach this s***'
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Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs fans were ecstatic on Sunday (21 January) after Travis Kelce secured a romantic touchdown during the game against the Buffalo Bills, but NFL fans aren't happy with the amount of attention they are getting.

The Chief's latest win advanced them to the AFC championship game.

Kelce turned to his girlfriend in the crowd after he scored his first touchdown and made a heart gesture with his hands, which one fan called their "favourite rom-com."

Another fan of the couple gushed: "Travis just did the heart hands after his touchdown. Omfg I'm crying!"

"This is basically America’s Royal Family," a third tweeted.

Meanwhile, his brother Jason also caught viewers' attention by hilariously chugging a beer shirtless in the background of the footage. One called the scene "the stuff of legends."

While X/Twitter wasn't short of praise for Swift and Kelce, disgruntled sports fans said they "couldn't stomach this s***".

"Ok enough of the Taylor Swift celebrations and coverage," one hit back, adding: "Show the football game."

Another reiterated: "Stop showing Taylor Swift every time Kelce touches the ball. This is football, not a concert!"

A third unamused viewer wrote: "Hey Baltimore, please please spare us from a Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce Super Bowl. I won’t be able to stomach that s***."

While the pair's relationship has certainly caused a divisive response online, it has seemingly birthed a new generation of football fans.

"Say what y’all want about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce but I’ve got an 11 yr old girl here glued to this Chiefs game and going crazy every time Kelce touches the ball. She’s bringing new fans to the NFL," one dad penned.

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