Twitter responds to suggestions that England ‘cheated’ against Denmark

<p>The penalty moment as Raheem Sterling is fouled by Mathias Jensen </p>

The penalty moment as Raheem Sterling is fouled by Mathias Jensen

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The England men’s football team made history last night when they won 2-1 against Denmark to reach their first tournament final in 55 years.

The Three Lions will face Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, after the Italians won 1-1 (4-2 on penalties) against Spain in a tense semi-final on Tuesday.

But several people have suggested that England cheated their way to the final, accusing Raheem Sterling of diving to win a penalty that ultimately lead to the Three Lions’ victory.

Italian commentator, Tancredi Palmeri, beIN Sports correspondent, tweeted: “It’s diving home” - a cheeky play on Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s It’s Coming Home song.

After a 1-1 draw at full-time, the match went into extra time, with England winning a penalty in the first half of extra-time after the referee ruled Sterling was brought down by Joakim Maehle.

Although Harry Kane‘s spot-kick was initially saved, he scored on the rebound, putting England 2-1 in front.

The referee’s decision prompted a huge debate, with even some England supporters and football commentators referring to the decision as a “soft penalty.”

Of course, the Italian commentator’s remarks prompted even more debate, although most England fans were able to see the funny side.

Though some England fans weren’t letting it slide and pointed out a clip of Italian player Ciro Immobile, which some said showed him feigning an injury in their quarter final match against Belgium.

In the clip, Immobile can be seen rolling around in pain on the floor, only to quickly bounce back and get back up seconds later.

While the conversation brought up controversial decisions of the past such as “The hand of God” from Diego Maradona in the Argentina v England match at the 1986 World Cup quarter finals.

Some even went as far as comparing Maradona’s handball to Sterling’s “soft” penalty.

Though England fans were not having any of it, noting that the penalty decision was checked by VAR and saying that it was a decision that went in their favour for once.

A few England fans shared how they didn’t care either-way, they’re just glad that the squad made it to the final.

Elsewhere, some accused both Italy and England of cheating during the tournament.

We imagine there will be even more football Twitter debates during the Euro 2020 final on Sunday - hopefully there isn’t any controversial decisions.

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