UFC's Dana White calls football 'the least talented sport on Earth'

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Millions of people are gripped in World Cup fever at the moment, but not everyone is enjoying the spectacle taking place in Qatar right now – not least Dana White.

The UFC boss said he “can’t stand” the game in a resurfaced clip, and compared it unfavourably to the sport of ice hockey.

He went on to call it the “least talented sport on earth” and tried to claim his reasoning was all because of the size of the goal.

“I can't stand soccer, I think that it's the least talented sport on earth,” he said, talking to reporters in the clip.

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“You run around and kick a ball,” he added.

UFC boss Dana White talks about

When challenged, he replied: “Dude, I say this in every country where you're playing a game where the net is this big, right, and the score is three to one.”

He then compared it to the NHL by referencing the six-by-four foot dimensions of a hockey net.

White then asked if the reporters knew “how untalented you have to be to score three points on a net that's this big”.

The businessman added: “When you're playing a game where the net is this big right, and the score is 3-1, are you s***ting me right now?

“Now in hockey, you have guys on skates, right? With crooked sticks, where they have to hit a puck into a net that's the same size as a goalie, ok? That's a sport where the score should be 3-1.”

We can’t imagine White will be tuning in to watch England in the quarter-finals this weekend, then…

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