The 'Neymar Challenge' has reached Wimbledon and it's better than you can imagine

Wimbledon/ Hector Vivas/ Getty Images

There were many viral moments at this year's World Cup.

From the young Muslims praying for the England team, the Mexican grandma giving her blessings to her team and who can forget 'It's Coming Home.'

Yet, the one that everyone seems to have enjoyed the most and got involved with is the 'Neymar Challenge.'

All it involves is rolling around on the floor clutching your leg and doing your best impression of the prima donna Brazil striker.

Football fans around the world have been giving it a go but now the craze has seemingly reached the Wimbledon tennis championship.

During a men's senior invitation doubles game between Mansour Bahrami and Goran Ivanisevic vs. Jonas Bjorkman and Mark Woodbridge, this happened...

We can't be entirely sure if this was an intentional effort to do the 'Neymar Challenge' but we'll give him 8/10.

Could have done with a few more rolls in our opinion. Luckily, the always hilarious Mansour Bahrami was on hand to help him recover.

As we said, we can't be sure if this was a 'Neymar Challenge' but Twitter definitely thought so.

Still, we doubt anyone will ever beat the original.

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