How to try the AI stairway to heaven filter TikTok trend

How to try the AI stairway to heaven filter TikTok trend
Silent walking is a new TikTok trend
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Artificial intelligence filters are often a hit on TikTok with the 'AI Manga' "ghost hunting" filter trending earlier this year - but now there is a new AI filter on the platform that's gone viral.

The AI stairway to heaven filter works by taking a photo of you and/or your surroundings and the technology then utilises this image and turns it into a set of stairs that appear to lead up to heaven.

But people are interpreting the meaning of the images in terms of how close they are to death - and so if you have a long and winding set of stairs it means you have a long life.

However, if you're AI-generated set of stairs is shorter - or in some cases just a door or even a descending set of stairs- it means that your life span will be shorter.

Here are some examples of the most viral videos from the trend:


Idk how to feel about this #ai #fyp #heaven #trend #funny


looks like im not getting in any time soon…


#stitch with @KatieMarie im dead #winkfromheaven


I guess Heaven will say NO, and send me to…? #stairstoheaven #ai #fyp

How can I try the AI stairway to heaven filter?

  • Open TikTok and search “stairway to heaven” in the TikTok
  • Click on the “A Wink From Heaven” filter.
  • Select “use this effect” and take a picture of your chosen room by pressing “create”.
  • Music will then play before your fate aka your staircase is revealed.

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