American student shares ‘culture shocks’ she’s endured since moving to 'grumpy' Wales

American student shares ‘culture shocks’ she’s endured since moving to 'grumpy' Wales
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Moving from the United States to sunny Wales is always bound to be a culture shock – and one American woman found out the hard way.

A TikTok user who goes by the name of @schlond.poofaa opened up about her experience of moving from New Jersey to Wales in a recent video.

And while the student didn’t only focus on the bad stuff, she did give Welsh shop assistants a bit of a hard time for being “just grumpy”.

“There’s not as much of a culture around greeting people,” she said. “It’s strange to me because in America we’re very fake friendly… A lot of people here are grumpy. Very grumpy.”


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The student was more positive when it comes to older people who dye their hair pink or purple.

“I don't know why, I guess it’s just like a little trend for them,” she said. “And that is the perfect thing to do with white hair.”

Meanwhile, she was also impressed by the price of groceries (sounds like inflation hasn’t hit that part of Wales then, eh?) which she says is cheaper than back home.

“I am taking into account the exchange rate. [...] Like I got a steak, £3.99 which is roughly $5. And I'm like that's crazy, because [...] back home that would be $10-$15,” she said.

However, the praise stopped when it came to other food comparisons, and the student had a particular issue with the bacon here for being “soggy”.

The pizza too, did not compare well with that in New Jersey, where there is a large Italian immigrant population. In Wales it all tastes “weird”, apparently.

Fortunately, when it comes to British people mocking the American accent, the TikToker was pleased. Turns out they mock us over there too (“alright guvnor” seems to be a popular one).

And apparently everyone in Wales “hates Liverpool for some reason” – which may come as news to many Brits. Hard luck, scousers.

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