Was TikToker Blake Rosier really the only passenger on a cruise ship?

Was TikToker Blake Rosier really the only passenger on a cruise ship?

TikToker Blake Rosier has given viewers a taste of his exclusive experiences aboard an 'empty' cruise ship


A TikToker has been celebrated for “living an introvert's dream” after he boasted about being the only passenger on a cruise ship.

Major liners can hold between 2,000 and 4,000 guests, and yet Blake Rosier claimed that he’d managed to find himself totally alone on one – apart from a whole army of staff.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Blake can be seen standing in a pool and showing off the empty deck around him.

Addressing his audience, he announces: “As some of you know, I'm on this cruise ship completely alone. I am the only guest on this ship besides the crew, of course, that's been tending to me hand and foot, literally.

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“This cruise has been insane,” he continues. “I don't know how this happened exactly. They even have a movie playing for just me.

“All the shows are still going, the pools are open. Literally just me here – it’s truly insane and it's been amazing.

“I just had dinner in a huge dining hall with no one else. I'll keep you guys updated.”


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He has failed to post any updates since that original post, nor has he provided any information on which operator he’s supposedly travelling with.

Still, that hasn’t dampened people’s enthusiasm for his outlandish claims, with the clip racking up more than 490,500 views and 31,000 likes in a day, as commentators shared their takes on the unusual scenario.

“That’s the only appealing cruise I’ve ever seen,” one joked.

“Not sure if that’s a dream or nightmare,” added another.

Indeed, whilst one fellow TikToker described it as an “introvert’s dream” another argued: “This is my introvert’s nightmare – the entire crew tending to you JUST YOU???”

Others poured cold water on Blake’s brag, with a number suggesting he had just filmed the video late at night when everyone else was asleep.

Others suggested he was a member of staff himself, and that he’d recorded himself once the journey was over and everyone else had gone home.

In fact, it’s not the first time the content creator has claimed to be alone on a ship.

Last year, he uploaded a video titled ‘Only guest on a cruise ship in the dining hall’.

He began the 26-second clip, by saying happily to the camera: “Look at all these people that know me,” before filming staff greeting him as he strolled around the food area.

Only guest on a cruise ship in the dining hallwww.youtube.com

There are a few other clues that Blake’s solo trip claims are all just a big joke.

The YouTuber is known for his comic, spoof videos and not for being the kind of travel influencer who might be able to bag himself an exclusive spot on a cruise.

Also, whilst he doesn’t divulge any info about his journey in the most recent cruise clip, his video location is tagged as "New York".

Still, we all enjoyed the ride while it lasted.

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