Bride-to-be shocked after learning that her new initials have a sinister meaning

Bride goes viral for 'table of exes' at wedding

A bride-to-be revealed what her new initials would be - and it has a sinister meaning.

Kathryn, the bride in question, took to TikTok, tell her followers about her dilemma, noting it wouldn't be a good look.

In one video, she quipped that when she tells people about her initials, they are always shocked.

"What I tell people what my initials after my wedding will be," the onscreen text reads as she appears taken aback.

Kathryn's caption also reads: "If you check my profile, you'll get it :/."


If you check my profile you’ll get it :/ #wedding #weddingtiktok #relationship #ChevyEVSongContest #bridetobe #weddingplanning

When you do take a peak at her bio on TikTok, it says she'll be Mrs Keith in June 2023.

But what exactly is the dark meaning of her name?

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In another video, Kathyrn notes that her middle name is Keller and explained that her middle name is actually "Keller," which means once she ties the knot, her initials will be KKK, which isn't ideal.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is a US white supremacist, a right-wing hate group.

"For reference, when I get married, my initials will be KKK.

"I'm obviously not affiliated with them at all. It's just a very unfortunate circumstance," Kathryn explains.

She also asked her followers if people could change their middle name to anything and that she could use her last name, but it's "super long and not very cute."

"I'm thinking to change my middle name, but I don't even know what I should change to - there are so many options."


Replying to @maeve_kelley has anyone else changed their middle name too when they got married? there are so many names what would I choose? #wedding #weddingtiktok #petsmart #AmazonSavingSpree #bridetobe #relationship #engagement

People took to the comment section of the post to share some suggestions.

One person wrote: "Try to shorten your maiden name or pick a name that sounds kinda similar and add that to your middle name."

Kathryn saw this, saying she liked the idea.

"You can just get rid of your middle name. Or keep your current last name and not change it. Or your and your partner pick a whole new last name," another added, which prompted Kathryn to quip: "We aren't that creative."

A third wrote: "What if it's like Kathryn Keller Jane ?? As a second middle name!"

Hopefully, she will find the perfect solution!

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