What is the 'broccoli freckles' beauty trend viewers are calling 'crazy'?

What is the 'broccoli freckles' beauty trend viewers are calling 'crazy'?

What is the 'broccoli freckles' beauty trend viewers are calling 'crazy'?

There is always a new beauty trend to keep up with on TikTok - and the latest one doing the rounds involves ditching the makeup brushes for a piece of broccoli...

(Don't worry, no cooking is involved though).

It's all part of the broccoli freckles trend where creators are getting a broccoli floret and using the head of the vegetable to apply makeup to their faces, in particular, they are aiming to look freckled.

To start with you apply a brown shade of concealer or bronze to the broccoli head.

Then you stamp the coated broccoli head onto your cheeks and nose (where you typically get freckles from the sun) and it leaves behind a soft group of freckle-like dots - though the results do depend on how much product you use and how heavy you stamp it on your face.

In one video, TikToker Abi (@abis_skincare) gave it a go and couldn't hide her shocked reaction as the broccoli head appeared to work well in creating the faux freckle look.

While another TikToker Cajsa (@cajsawessberg) was also impressed with the results when she tried the broccoli trend out as she wrote in the caption of her video: "How can it work so good?"


HOW CAN IT WORK SO GOOD? #broccoifreckles #fakefreckles #fauxfreckles #beautyhack

TikToker Kirsty Sarah (@kristy.sarah) was apprehensive after seeing a video of the trend - "I don't know what I just witnessed but I am a hundred per cent down," as she then showed the piece of broccoli ready to try it out for herself.

"Maybe I needed to do not so deep of a shade," she said after applying the darker concealer. "But it's giving freckles!"

After patting some of the excess off her face with a tissue, she advised that "a little [concealer] goes a long way."


he always walks in at the worst times #broccolifreckles #fauxfreckles

Though Kirsty's husband looked confused when he walked in and saw her applying makeup with the broccoli head, and later joked: "It's a vegan product!"

The trend has certainly spurred a lot of reaction from people online with people calling the technique "crazy" and a "waste of food."

One person said: "This is just a waste of food."

"This is a good idea but not for people that apply them every day cause that would be a waste of produce," another person wrote.

A third added: "This is crazy. I was teased relentlessly for my red hair and freckles and now you’re telling me people are painting them on with broccoli?!"

"I just wanted to know who opened the fridge and said I have an idea for this broccoli," a fourth person commented.

Someone else added: "Never thought we would be using broccoli as brushes now."

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