Couple face awkward situation after booking the 'best seats' on a plane

Couple face awkward situation after booking the 'best seats' on a plane

Flying can be an awkward experience at the best of times, what with sitting next to strangers and competing for the arm rest.

But one couple took things to extremes after booking the ‘best seats’ on a plane and ending up in a bizarre situation - before sharing it on TikTok.

The people in question are former Real Madrid player Sergio Carrallo and his wife Caroline Stanbury, who is a star on Real Housewives of Dubai.

The clip has racked up more than 19 million views, and it features the caption: “When your assistant booked 1A and 1B and you thought they were the best seats on the plane.”

Speaking in the clip, Carrallo says: “We got the best seats in the plane. Nothing goes back.”


Best seats on the plane! 🙄😂

He then makes it clear that there’s no-one behind them on the plane – but then the camera turns around and it’s revealed that they’re actually facing the rest of the passengers head on.

“And then look at this,” he said, turning the camera. “So we’re facing the cabin, basically.”

Suffice to say, the video sparked a big reaction, with people sharing their second-hand embarrassment in the comments.

“Please tell me what airline so I can AVOID this,” one wrote.

Another joked: “You’re the in-flight entertainment.”

“I would rather fly strapped to the outside of the plane,” one said, before another added: “Imagine you are an introvert and get those seats.”

One person also shared their experience of booking seats exactly like those, writing: “I had those seats once!! Omg hated it. I didn’t know where to look cause I was constantly making eye contact with people. Decided to close my eyes and woke up with drool running down my chin.”

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