Dad leaves people divided after refusing to sit with his family on a flight

Dad leaves people divided after refusing to sit with his family on a flight
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A father has come under fire after he was asked by a passenger during a flight if he wanted to swap seats to sit next to his family, but instead of moving himself, he got the other kid who was sitting with him to move.

In the TikTok, @one_toughmother detailed what happened that led to the mum being left with both her baby, toddler and her kid, while the dad had a child-free flight.

"I was seated next to a mom who had a baby in her lap and a toddler beside her,!" the on-screen text read and the situation was described as "a lot."

"I offered to switch seats with the dad, who was a few rows up, so he could be with his family.


"He enjoyed a kid-free flight," the video concluded.


A little sunday rage for ya #momsoftiktok #deadbeatdad

Since being posted, the viral clip has received 4.6m views, 543,000 likes and a debate has been sparked over this scenario in the comments.

On the one hand, many slammed the dad for being irresponsible and not helping out his wife with the kids.

One person said: "The absolute rage I am feeling right now."

"If I were the mom, he would not be my husband anymore after that," another person wrote.

A third added: "I would have said no that’s not what I meant give me my seat back."

"If my husband was like that we would be divorced before landing," a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "This is the perfect ad for birth control."

While others defended the father's actions.

"Wait but, if he actually took the seat, wouldn't the other kid be left alone?? or did i miss smt [sic]." one person said.

Another added: "What if he were a stay-at-home dad and mom was finally looking after the kids so he could have a break?"

"This is why you should’ve minded your own business," someone else wrote.

A fourth person replied: "I think he probably misinterpreted as it you not wanting to sit next to the children."

In a follow-up video, the TikToker @one_toughmother who made the video noted "how differently it [the video] was received by men and women in the comments."


Replying to @Timmy Hope this clears up all the willful confusion. Most of the men in these comments making themselves KNOWN. #momsoftiktok #parenting #feminist

She added that she didn't realise there was another kid sitting next to the dad when she made the offer to switch seats and that the father wanted her to sit in the middle seat instead of the aisle seat.

"No, nobody was suggesting that he leave a kid alone with a stranger, the only reasonable option in this situation was for him to say 'No thank you, I'm actually sitting here with my other child.'"

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