Laid off TikTok workers now posting tearful 'day in my life' videos

Laid off TikTok workers now posting tearful 'day in my life' videos
Tech layoffs continue

A small community of laid-off employees has developed on TikTok to share their thoughts, feelings, and tips toward their new normal.

Over the last three months, tech companies, media organizations, and financial institutions have made headlines by laying off a percentage of their workforce as the economy continues to face hardships.

In November, Meta laid off 13 per cent of their workforce while Twitter laid off more than 50 per cent.

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Goldman Sachs and Google laid off approximately 6 per cent of their workforce in January.

Vox Media, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Washington Post, and more have joined the ranks of companies laying off employees to adjust to inflation, interest rates, and more.

What’s left are devastated employees who are sharing their feelings with the world through “day in my life” videos on TikTok.

TikToker Akriti, showed people what it was like to suddenly get laid off from Amazon in a video with over 150k views.

From applying to jobs to crying in the bathroom, Akriti’s raw vlog reveals the uncertainty that many young people are facing.


Been a roller coaster. 😡😭😊 #techlayoff #techlayoffs #layoff #layoffs #layoffs2023 #techtok #techjobs #laidoff

Another TikToker, Tasha Farsaci, has shared several “day in my life” vlogs about being laid-off which include motivating herself to apply for new jobs.

In a video from November, Farsaci told followers, “I’m going through it right now so if you also are, you’re not alone.”

It’s a bleak, but necessary, reminder for people experiencing the same change.


if anyone is hiring in influencer/brand marketing hmu 🙃 #laidoff #dayinthelife #LA

In one of her "day in my life laid-off" vlog, commenters told Farsaci they appreciated her sharing her life.

"I was just laid off yesterday - appreciate the inspo of staying motivated and positive," a commenter said.

"I also just got laid off :/ we got this !!" Another person wrote.

Hundreds of other people have shared their experiences getting laid off at all different types of companies.

Nicole, a former Google employee, shared her day in the life with over 4.8 million people. Meg, a former Thrillist employee, shared how she's been getting through her lay off.

While the layoffs are disappointing and sad for many, sharing the real feelings and step-by-step process of getting another job has made others feel less alone.

Some commenters said the mini vlogs have helped them feel more productive.

Others have extended their resources and help to the people experiencing layoffs.

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