Woman reveals 'flight attendant' hack to avoid bathroom visits on long trips

Woman reveals 'flight attendant' hack to avoid bathroom visits on long trips
Flight attendants are fed up with these statements
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Staying hydrated during flights is always important – but at the same time, the last thing you want is endless trips to the bathroom during long journeys.

Rest assured, though, a TikToker might have just revealed the perfect hack for flights.

Social media user Lauren Erro (@lauren.erro) posted a clip of themselves picking up a bottle of water.

It’s the text overlay, though, which contained the hack.

“A flight attendant told me to always buy Fiji or some sort of alkaline water at the airport for your flight,” it reads.


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“It prevents you from having to pee as much during flights because your body absorbs it better.”

Something to bear in mind the next time you’re picking your drinks in the sky, perhaps.

It comes after another TikToker revealed the "secret code" that flight attendants use to keep themselves entertained on flights.

A user posted a video which details the “see you later” game – and you might just want to keep your ears open for it the next time you fly.

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