A man got trapped in a gym during a flash flood and the footage is crazy

A man got trapped in a gym during a flash flood and the footage is crazy
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It’s hard enough for most of us to motivate ourselves to go to the gym in the first place, so imagine how you’d feel if you couldn’t get out again?

Frighteningly for one TikTok user this is precisely what happened when he found himself trapped in his local branch of Planet Fitness as rising floodwaters threatened to engulf him.

The man, who goes by the username @Dottshot, filmed the dramatic ordeal, which began after he found himself stuck in a car park which was being battered by torrential rain.

“I looked up from my phone to find that half of the parking lot I was sitting in was already underwater,” he later explained.

“We were only expecting five to six inches of rain so when I saw this I kinda went into shock."

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"I went into Planet Fitness, took a shower and when I got out the water was already rushing in.”

We're not sure taking a shower would be top of our list of priorities during a flash flood but there you are...

In a series of recordings, Dottshot showed brown water gushing into the building, leaving him standing on the top of a stairmaster in a desperate bid to stay safe and (relatively dry).

He was not alone – other people can be seen clutching onto equipment and looking around helplessly.


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Visit TikTok to discover videos!

“We just stood around, we were waiting for rescue personnel for hours, they wouldn't answer us,” he explained. “So I decided to take out my phone and start filming TikToks and the rest is history."

Dottshot added that he also watched on as his car was submerged by the crashing floodwaters, admitting that it “hurt a lot” to see his vehicle go under.


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His videos have, combined, racked up more than 20 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments in two weeks as sceptical fellow TikTokers questioned why he didn’t flee the complex before things got so bad.

But Dottshot insisted there was nothing he could do, and emphasised the point made by one commentator that “the pressure of the water makes opening the door 1000x harder).

Meanwhile, one viewer said dryly: “This is why I don’t go to the gym – too dangerous.”

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