The 'find the fourth object' TikTok meme explained

The 'find the fourth object' TikTok meme explained
This John Cena vibing meme is taking over TikTok

The “Find the Fourth Object” meme is taking off on TikTok as the latest trend has millions of users wracking their brains.

Trends come and go on social media like clockwork, but the most recent trend that sees users having to locate a hidden object seems to have captivated people.

In the game, people have to search for four different listed objects, also known as a crutch, hidden in someone’s post.

The game has grown a large following thanks to its difficulty, particularly in finding the fourth object listed, which many users believe has been intentionally hidden and is unable to be found.

The “Find the Fourth Object” meme has existed since 2019, according to Know Your Meme, but it is only recently that it has seen a resurgence on social media.

It is believed to be based on mobile game ads that encourage users to view the ad for as long as possible by making it intentionally tricky.

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You know? 😈 #greenscreensticker

In another viral cartoon image, three people can be seen using what appears to be a public bathroom. Viewers are tasked with finding four objects within the picture: an egg, a glove, an envelope and the crutch.

The egg could be seen on the man’s nose, the glove was hanging from the woman’s skirt and the envelope was hidden in the wall’s tiling. But, the crutch remained undiscovered.


Let me know when you see it 😈#greenscreensticker

Some users have reportedly posted the image with the promise that viewers can find the answer if they follow their account.

It has led many to suspect that the crutch does not actually exist in the picture and the meme is being used as a ploy to gain more followers.

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