Hairdresser reveals the 8 most annoying things that customers do

Hairdresser reveals the 8 most annoying things that customers do
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Sydney Augusta

Cutting someone's hair is a big responsibility, and something that can be made even trickier for a hairdresser if the customer is being difficult.

And with that, a hairdresser has revealed what some of these annoying habits are.

A 31-second clip from @iconichairdressing whizzes through different kinds of customers they've experienced on the job that haven't exactly made their jobs easy.

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The first one is the “hair flipper". This is a pretty self explanatory one, where the customer keeps tossing their hair back while the hairdresser is attempting to style it, causing them to start from scratch.

Next is the “intense watcher,” which is when a customer makes intense eye contact with the hairdresser as they’re washing their hair.

Then there's the “one who thinks they’re being drowned,” who flinches at the splash of water while getting their hair shampooed and conditioned, .


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The fourth character was the "addicted to their phone one". The mock-customer in the clip is then shown moving her head down to look at her phone as the hairdresser kept pulling her head back so she could finish washing her hair.

"The adjuster" is the person that constantly moves their head around the sink in order to get comfortable, while "the runner" is a customer who runs off after getting their hair washed.

Those who dramatically swing their head back if the hairdresser comes across a knot in their hair were labelled "the drama queen."

Finally there's the "I'll do it myself" one where the customer thinks they can do a better job and sorts out their hair parting themselves.

Since sharing the "annoying things customers do at the hair salon," the video has received 1.5m views and plenty of comments from people who had mixed opinions.

One person wrote: "I hate water on my face and in my ears. I will wipe it away if I want."

"I'm the wake me up when [you've] finished washing my hair cause I love it," another person said.

A third added: "This is brilliant."

"My guess people do all those things because of a stylist not doing a good washing or brushing etc," a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, people also shared some things that hairdressers do that annoys them.

"What hairdressers do to annoy customer. Top of my list: constant conversation with others, and paying no attention to what they are doing to me," one person said.

Another person wrote: "What about when they burn your scalp with the blow dryer??? That's ok??"

"How about the stylist who always combs my ears," someone else added.

A fourth person commented: "When the hair dresser is nosey about my life. Just do my hair!!!"

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