Woman finds 'human blood vial' in Shein package

Woman finds 'human blood vial' in Shein package

A Shein customer turned to TikTok with claims she was sent a sample of "human blood" in her order.

Anna Elliott (@anna_200.1) was horrified by the discovery, alleging that her package included the vial of blood "from a testing company with no name, no doctor's office, no date."

Anna went on to suggest that a worker at the testing company was "trying to track it down" as it was "completely mishandled" and that the company doesn't "even ship to residents. They only ship blood "back and forth between doctors."

The staff member reportedly notified the CDC as it has "never happened before" and is "a major biohazard."

Anna called the police, who took the sample and said they would be "testing it."


Just ordered dresses from SHEIN and the package came with an unidentified human blood sample #foryoupage #fyp #shein #sheinhorrorstories #cdc #biohazard

Anna later followed up with a second clip showing the contents of the Shein package, and an email from their representatives.

"@SHEIN is denying that they have anything to do with it. And the @CDC.govOfficial is refusing to help me and to stop the Sherrif from destroying the blood sample before they can test it," the TikToker penned as the caption.

In a screenshot of the email from Shein, they thanked Anna for bringing it to their attention.

"Our investigation indicates that when your package went through our quality control process and left our facility, it contained only the items in the order. Please feel free to share my direct email address with any agencies; we will readily provide any requested information to support further investigation," it read.

In the video, Anna included an image of a syringe, which caused a lot of confusion in the comments as it wasn't previously mentioned.

However, the TikToker soon cleared this up.


@SHEIN is denying that they have anything to do with it. And the @CDC.govOfficial is refusing to help me and to stop the Sherrif from destroying the blood sample before they can test it.

When Anna shared her initial video detailing the blood vial in her package, her friend Callie reached out to suggest that it wasn't the first time the company had allegedly messed up.

Her friend Callie reportedly received a syringe in the post last August.

"She took pictures of it and then she sent it to Shein and nothing ever happened and she didn't really think about it after that," Anna explained.


Replying to @Chloe h My friend @callieeee is planning on filming a video this evening to explain the syringe in further detail #fyp

Inevitably, her TikTok videos have garnered thousands of comments from invested users.

One person hit back: "I beg your HIGHEST of pardons?!"


Meanwhile, one person suggested: "Could not be related to Shein. I used to work at FedEx. When packages (even hazards) were busted. They had a department that would put the contents back into the box and ship it back out."

Indy100 reached out to Shein for comment

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