IShowSpeed dives into camera and crashes stream to mark 20 million subscribers

YouTuber iShowSpeed meets Cristiano Ronaldo

IShowSpeed has been racking up his subscriber count recently, and hitting the 20 million mark came as a surprise to nobody.

However, the way he celebrated reaching the number certainly has taken a few people aback.

The 18-year-old has one of the fastest growing accounts on YouTube, and he marked his latest milestone by jumping directly into his camera during his latest stream.

IShowSpeed, real name Darren Jason Watkins Jr, spoke to his audience and said: "Y'all please let me hit 20 million. Please. bro! I'm about to freak out right f***ing now. If y'all don't, bro… If y'all don't help me hit 20 mill right now, bro, I'm about to freak the hell out.

“And, I'm not even trolling, bro. Y'all about to see me do some crazy a** s***! I swear to god, bro. I'm not trolling. I'm not trying to tell you all I'm not playing, bro. Y'all generally probably think I'm playing..."

iShowSpeed Hits 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS AND JUMPS IN CAMERA www.youtube.com

He waited until the subscriber counter passed 20 million before climbing onto the dresser behind his chair.

"Goodbye chat,” he said. “This is what y'all wanted. Never again. Remember - live to the fullest. Live to the greatest. You will be the one. Nobody loves you like how they did. That's 20 million right there. And, that's what I'm talking about. This is what we do. We presume and keep going. And, I love y'all boys.”

The YouTuber proceeded to jump straight towards the camera, with the screen freezing with IShowSpeed in mid-air. A loud crash could then be heard.

It comes after IShowSpeed hit out at his dad after he sang about his “IShowMeat” wardrobe malfunction.

The streamer appeared on a TikTok Live, where he saw the video of his father singing about the incident. The YouTuber was live streaming to 24,000 fans when he inadvertently revealed his privates.

Since then, footage of his dad saying about the viral hashtag “IShowMeat” has been widely circulated online – and given that his son has opened up about the impact the incident had taken on his mental health , it’s not surprising that he wasn’t impressed.

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