Renter blasts landlord for 'painting over hair' instead of simply cleaning it

Renter blasts landlord for 'painting over hair' instead of simply cleaning it
These Are Some of the Specific Things That Make a Good Landlord

TikTok is inundated with nightmare landlord stories tarnished with the same negative brush – and today is no different.

Slammed as "vile" by fellow TikTokers, one tenant highlighted their landlord's laziness after they painted over hair in the bathroom rather than just removing and cleaning the area.

In a clip that's racked up almost a million views, TikTok user @sweetbbyjingles started by saying: "Me thinking the Landlord Special couldn't be that bad at my apartment."

She then shares a close-up of a corner with a pile of old hair and a lick of white paint over it.

The footage was flooded with comments that made it apparent the paint method is disgustingly common.

"Mine has painted over bugs," one renter claimed. "They're dead now, but glued to the spot."

"My friend had a bad mould issue, and her landlord just painted over it," another chimed in.

Meanwhile, one careless landlord allegedly "painted over the lightbulb in the ceiling of the bathroom."

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Like yall knew what you were doing how am supposed to clean that #apartment #landlordspecial #badpaint #apartmentlife #funny #cleaning

It comes after a separate renter took to TikTok to vent about her landlord covering a hole in the wall with a piece of paper. Once again, they seemingly followed the Landlord Rulebook in which paint fixes everything and anything.

In a viral clip that's racked up over half a million views, Shelby (@notsobadomens) responded to a video from a fellow TikToker who was stunned to learn that holes in his home were covered by painted pieces of paper.

"You might not have thought about it, but my landlord sure did," Shelby snapped back before showcasing a noticeable outline of a sheet of paper.

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