'Lemon Pie story' on TikTok reduces readers to tears

'Lemon Pie story' on TikTok reduces readers to tears
Layered Lemon Pie
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The viral “Lemon Pie” story on TikTok has left people sobbing after detailing a breakup that took a very tragic turn.

The post has drawn comparisons to the “I peeled my orange today” story that had people similarly emotional and is the latest to touch people’s hearts.

What is the Lemon Pie Story?

The Lemon Pie was shared by TikToker @sappoop and explained the story of a breakup between two young people.

It has racked up 4.5 million views and started with a girl who was breaking up with her boyfriend because her “heart is in no condition to love”.

The girl explained that the boy was “perfect” but it was something she just had to do.

It was later revealed that the girl’s nickname was Lemon because they first met when the boy’s mother caught her stealing lemons from a tree by their driveway and used them to make a pie to say sorry.

“Lemon” asked the boy not to contact her again, but he couldn’t resist when he saw she wasn’t at school.

She responded with a cryptic request, writing: “Will you promise to never take me out of your heart? Will you promise when you get married, imagine me in the audience cheering for you, with tears, because I know the woman in white won’t be me.”


They asked them to update them about their life, even if their number was blocked, ending the texts, “I love you. I’ll love you, forever”.

Two weeks later, Lemon’s mother texted the guy to inform them of a tragic development as she had died from coronary artery disease.

The mother said: “You were the last person she texted. I thought you’d deserve to know.”

The boy kept to his promise and texted the number, years after her death, to update Lemon on some major life events like meeting someone, proposing to her and getting married.

Yet another tragic scenario unfolded as the man revealed seven years later that he had been diagnosed with heart cancer.

He texted the number, saying, “Maybe our hearts are linked after all”. Just four months later, he said the doctor had given him two weeks left to live, so he picked some lemons from his mother’s house, as she had done, for when they’d next meet.

The story caused quite a stir as people were left in tears.

One person wrote: “‘Maybe our hearts are linked after all’ tears in class.”

“I cried more than I peeled my orange,” another said.

Someone else commented: “Who makes these… I’m sobbing at 6:20 in the morning.”

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