What is 'mewing?' The jawline trend explained

What is 'mewing?' The jawline trend explained

The mewing TikTok trend explained


TikTok is home to various trends and challenges and the latest non-surgical beauty trend involves teenagers mewing during class.

Mewing is a technique to define our jawlines which you can do by flattening your tongue against the roof of your mouth - though it's unclear how this affects jawlines.

While on the platform there is plenty of mewing content, from people sharing which celebrities they think mew, to advice, and tutorials on how to mew.

The latest mewing trend sees students say they can't speak in class because they have to keep their jaw closed in order to mew.

In the videos, the on-screen text from the teacher's point of view reads: ""Why don't you guys talk in class?" and then underneath it says "Us," as the students can be seen shaking their heads in refusal to talk and then point to their sharp (and mewed) jawline as the reason.


too busy mewing #mew #mewing #mewingtutorial

While teacher and TikToker Mr. Lindsay (@mr_lindsay_sped) has shared how teachers can use this trend to help reduce the volume in a noisy classroom.


Replying to @Jenna High school and middle school teachers, if they won’t stop talking try hitting em with the 🤫🧏🏻‍♂️ ! It works like a charm and it was a fun relationship building moment for the class! 😂😂😂 #teachersoftiktok #teacher #genalphaslang #middleschoolslang #teacherfyp #mewing #genalpha #genz #mew

"I would say if you're looking for a new classroom management technique to get the talking down a little bit, instead of telling them to stop talking hit them with the mew [does the gesture], and I guarantee they're gonna stop talking for a bit," he said.

Fellow teachers in the comments have shared how their class responded when they did this.

One person said: " I did this in the hall and suddenly mewing became really not cool."

"I have said - less talking more mewing… they laugh but all start mewing….." another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I tried this today after watching this video yesterday and it WORKED! My students were absolutely cracking up at me! We had a great laugh."

"And…it makes it uncool because teachers would be doing it," a fourth person commented.

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