TikToker hasn't left house for week after being 'fat-shamed by another model'

TikToker hasn't left house for week after being 'fat-shamed by another model'
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Influencer and OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa emotionally opened up on TikTok, explaining how she hasn't left the house in a week after being "fat-shamed" by a fellow model.

Kerri Gribble took to Snapchat and recalled the pair meeting at an event. She told her followers not to believe everything on social media before cruelly adding: "Mikaela Testa is fat in person."

In the viral clip, Testa shared how she didn't "want to be seen by anyone" and has not left the house since the comment was made.

"I struggled with an eating disorder between the ages of 16 to 21, and it was one of the reasons why I got my surgery because I thought it would fix whatever was wrong with my brain," she explained. "The last thing that I wanted was for this to be resurfaced and brought back because I don’t know how to fix it."

The 22-year-old later followed up in the comments saying Gribble had apologised, and "although I’m not really too accepting of the apology itself, we can move forward and I forgive her".

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The comment was in reference to a lengthy statement posted to Gribble's Instagram Stories, in which she claimed she didn't' believe "fat" to be an insult.

At one point of the apology, she wrote: "It doesn't make me upset and to all the girls out there who do get called fat, I think you're still beautiful.

"Fat is not a disgusting word to me. I was taken aback because Mik looked different in person BUT not bad! She was still gorgeous!"

She added that the "drunk Snapchat" post was not supposed to be publicly shared. Instead, she intended to send it to her best friends.

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