Millennial called a 'PR nightmare' by Gen Z friend for how she wore sunglasses

Millennial called a 'PR nightmare' by Gen Z friend for how she wore sunglasses
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If TikTok has taught us anything, it’s that Gen Z as a group hold a lot of opinions, especially when it comes to Millennials.

A viral video recently proved this point as a millennial person was called “PR nightmare” by their Gen Z friend for the way they wear sunglasses.

In the clip, a group of friends appeared to be sunbathing. The millennial who was filming it informed viewers that her friend had made fun of her friend for the way she wore her sunglasses.

The woman joked that she had been on the receiving of “bullying” all day and was called a “PR nightmare” by her younger friend.

She proceeded to show people how she wears them, by placing them on her face in a normal-looking way.

But, her Gen Z friend next to her laughed and said “it’s so shoved into your face”. She continued, saying she looks like “a dad that wears a visor”.

The Gen Z-er explained the “normal” way is to have them “mid-nose”. The clip ended with asking viewers which way they wear them, sparking a debate in the comments.


tough to keep uo with the trends these days 😎 #millennialsoftiktok #millenialvsgenz #millennial

“The dad way… I’m trying to stop the wrinkles from appearing,” one user commented.

Another simply wrote: “I am learning that Gen-Z thinks a lot and I do not care enough to think about these things.”

Someone else said: “I mean I wear them in such a way that they block the sun from my eyes.”

One person added: “I didn’t know there was a wrong way to wear sunglasses. I just put them on.”

The Gen Z vs. Millennial debate appears to show no sign of stopping.

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