Am I 'OKOKOK' or 'LALALA'? How to take the viral TikTok test

Am I 'OKOKOK' or 'LALALA'? How to take the viral TikTok test
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TikTok can be incredibly random. One minute you're scrolling through home decor, the next you're greeted with dinner inspiration, before taking endless pointless quizzes you simply cannot refuse.

The latest viral quiz making the rounds on the platform is the 'OKOKOK / LALALA test', inspired by the popular Tyler the Creator's song, 'See You Again' featuring Kali Uchis.

It essentially determines what "vibe" you give off, depending on what you hear first. In the song, Tyler can be heard repeating "Ok," while Kali sings "Lalala".

Inevitably, TikTokers have put their own spin on the song and decided that whichever verse a person sings can say a lot about you.

Supposedly, if you join in on Tyler's part, you are level-headed and introverted. Whereas, if you are on Kali's side, you're more crazy and extroverted.

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It didn't take long for TikTokers to jump on the app to share their results.


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If singing isn't your thing, you can head over to uQuiz, where you answer a bunch of questions to get your answer.

It comes after a string of viral quizzes flooded the popular app, starting with the 'mental age' quiz.

You can join in on the action by heading over to the website here. You'll be shown a range of 31 statements and questions that cover a range of topics.

After answering all of these questions, your mental age will then appear on the screen where you can share them on your social media profiles.

On TikTok, videos with the hashtag "mental age test" have received over 8.6m views, as people have been sharing their responses on the platform.

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