What is a pink, blue, purple, red, green and yellow person on TikTok?

What is a pink, blue, purple, red, green and yellow person on TikTok?
People meet while traveling and become best friends!

People have been celebrating the special people in their life as part of a wholesome TikTok trend where they've been sharing who is their "pink person" and "blue person".

As part of the trend, the videos include a cute presentation of different photos with people's said pink or blue person who can be a friend, family member, or anyone who they believe fits the qualities.

Here is a breakdown of what it means to be a pink or blue person.

A "pink person" is somebody who is always there for you and you love, trust and never want to lose since there are a "spend the rest of your life with."

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Someone you can be yourself around, the person who will always be there for you, loves and adores you. They are your hero".


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Some definitions differ on how long you've known the person, with some saying you've just met but click instantly while others say they are long-time friends, so this detail appears to be open to interpretation.

The hashtag, "#whoisyourpink," has nearly 53,000 views from people participating in the trend and sharing who their pink person is.

Here are some examples:


I just wanna thank god for putting her in my life🩷she’s my pink person n i don’t know where I would be without her😇much love @LonNae (Thank yu for being there for me when i needed yu)

While, a "blue person" is someone who came into your life and has played an important role in doing so as it's "when you needed someone the most".

They may have "changed your perspective" on life, and are reliable friends, good listeners who you can be your true self with.

The hashtag "#whoisyourblue," has over 247,000 views as people post videos dedicated to the friends they believe fit this criteria.


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Here are some examples:


my person forever🫶🏻 when i don’t have the photo swipe:(


@brookie 🫶🏽

There are also other colours that represent different qualities in a friend. For example, on TikTok a "yellow person" is somebody who has "saved you," their "twin flame or your soulmate," and a "purple person," who is "the sweetest most genuine" friend who you "instantly clicked with".

A “green person” is also identified as someone who TikTokers have a similar connection with to a “purple person”, but it’s not limited to romantic relationships. They are defined as “someone who just knows you, sees you, and makes you feel understood”.

Finally, a “red person” is seen as someone who brings out the best in someone and makes the person feel comfortable enough to always speak from the heart.

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