Husband screams and swears at wife after learning she is pregnant

Husband screams and swears at wife after learning she is pregnant

The shocking moment a man yelled at his wife after she revealed she was pregnant with their fourth child has gone viral.

The shock of finding out he was expecting another baby sent one man into a spiral after his wife, Anissa, filmed his reaction and shared it on TikTok.

Also known on TikTok as The Cofer Family, Anissa shares clips of family life raising four children with her husband, James.

The clip of her husband’s reaction to her note telling him that she was pregnant with their fourth child has been viewed more than 7 million times and isn’t the typical reaction you may expect.

Text overlaying the video read: “When you’re done having babies but get a positive test and your husband’s reaction isn’t what you expected.”

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In the video, Anissa told James to open an envelope on the bed which contained a note which confirmed her pregnancy news.

He shouted: “Stop playing with me. Anissa, it’s not…Anissa, no!”

James continued to shout, “NO” and sat with his head in his hands as he comprehended the news that they were about to have their fourth child.


Needless to say, she’s the blessing we never knew we needed. 🫶🏼#babynumber4 #pregnancyannouncement #blessed

“Babe, please tell me you’re joking,” he continued before Anissa brought the positive test over to him and he screamed, “F**k".

In the comments, people were surprisingly mostly understanding of the husband’s reaction, with many saying they have felt the same way.

One person wrote: “THIS IS REAL LIFE… we have a 23, 13,9,8 and a MF 1 year old.. that last test we were like F*****K.. we were so close but she is a whole blessing!”

Another commented: “Not him acting surprised like he isn’t 50 per cent the reason why we are here in the first place. Love it!”

However, someone else told Anissa, "Divorce him now".

“The most reasonable and true reaction I’ve seen after already having multiple and not really wanting more,” another TikToker wrote.

Someone else argued: “Those ‘oh hell no’ babies end up being beloved in a special way. I know because I had one at 44.”

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