Rich people are showing how out of touch they are with 'this little life' TikTok trend

Rich people are showing how out of touch they are with 'this little life' TikTok trend
When you release an EP why not shoot a Christmassy short film to accompany it ??? Whole video coming Friday but thought we’d give you “Little Life” from my parents dining room as a lil tease. Shot on Friday in my hometown of Stroud with the most wonderful team, cobbled together in a very last min but joyful day out in the countryside. Starring me, Cordelia, and my wonderful Dad who owns the delicate and tasteful hands you see clearing this Christmassy dinner table. ENJOY N GET HYPED FOR FRIDAY WOOO! Ps full thing on YouTube (link in bio) if you wanna go full cinematic 4k experience I do recommend x Director: Harvey Pearson DP: Thom Neal Sound: Thomas LeBeau-Morley Mix: J Moon Styling: Alexandra Cronan MUA: Chie Fujimoto Hands: Dad #newmusic #singersongwriter #livemusic #liveperformance #livevideo #littlelife #cordelia #originalsong

Anyone who has frequented TikTok recently will probably have heard the song with the lyrics "I think I like this little life," and it's now rich people who are being criticised for using the music to show off their wealth.

The song 'Little Life' is by the artist Cordelia and the delicate acoustic guitar track began to trend at the end of 2023 and has continued to do so in 2024.

From travelling, sea views, and house tours, people have been showing the things they love about their life which don't come cheap and it's prompted many TikTok users to respond.

"POV: the girl who bullied you in hs [high school] using this sound after her rich girl Christmas haul," @imfaithelizabeth wrote.

While @kathleenalien posted a video of herself with a mansion as a greenscreen backdrop and lip-synced to the song with the caption: "Rich millennials pretending to be humble."


i bet you do like your life 😭😭 #ithinkilikethislittlelife #richpeople #millennials #littlelife

"Is this the worst song ever or do you just lack the critical thinking skills to distinguish bad music from a Pavlovian response conditioned by 100,000 videos of rich people being out of touch with late-stage capitalism," @eminasonnad wrote.

"OBVIOUSLY. WHO WOULDN'T? Everyone doing this trend is a trust fund baby with a friend group comprised of people who all hate each other for different reasons but pretend to like each other for lavish dinner parties," @moneykink666 commented on the trend.

However, there have been a few have shared a differing perspective on this subject.

"People are so mad over rich people using this sound. 'Little Life' refers to little, small, insignificant in the grand scheme of everything," @brelight1531 said.

"A single human life being a drop in the ocean. It's not about finding joy when you're broke. It's about finding joy in your insignificance.

She added: "The song is about connection and human love even though it's pretty insignificant to the rest of the world. Not being poor and having 'little' money."

Someone else commented: "I can kinda see both on this one. Like someone using this audio about their luxury vacation ain’t it (which I did see) but like no matter the income I think we can relate to the small joys."

"Why are people mad they have money," another person added.

TikToker NoahGlennCarter also weighed in with his thoughts on why he thinks people are annoyed at rich people taking part in this trend.


People are upset with rich people for doing a tik tok trend #littlelife #foryou #trend

According to him, "The reason everyone is so upset about this trend is because it was kind of hijacked by rich people in denial.

"You see a bunch of rich people started doing this trend where they show off their absolutely luxurious lifestyle. Then when people call them out on being rich they try to deny it.”

Rich people have also come under fire recently for displaying their wealth as part of the Saltburn TikTok trend which sees users dancing to Sophie Ellis Bextor's 2001 hit 'Murder on the Dancefloor'.

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