'Ignorant' rich people use Saltburn TikTok trend to show off their huge houses

'Ignorant' rich people use Saltburn TikTok trend to show off their huge houses
Saltburn trailer
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Since the release of Saltburn, viewers online have become obsessed with the film's dark academia, rich, upper-class noughties aesthetic.

(Think, tuxedo black tie dress codes, indie sleaze smudged eyeliner and music such as Sophie Ellis Bextor's 2000s bop 'Murder on the Dancefloor').

So much so, that some are taken the opportunity to show off their generational wealth with their huge homes that are "giving" the same vibes as the Saltburn estate as they dance around and display their abode to Ellis Bextor's hit song - all as part of a new TikTok trend.

Perhaps as a result of the trend, or viewers simply feeling nostalgic, but 'Murder on the Dancefloor' has since entered the UK Top 20 Spotify chart, 23 years on from its original 2001 release.

"When Saltburn hit a little too close too home," one user posted with grand views of their pool and garden, while another shared a similar caption as they shared their grand dining room.


I refuse to disclose which one i am 🦢🐚🏹🎻🕯️🪩🎱🥂🍸 #saltburn #fyp #fypシ #xybca #southoffrance #sof #cannes #frenchriviera #saltburnmovie #jacobelordi #barrykeoghan #venetia #girls #foryoupage


im sorry but i had to do this trend #saltburn #christmasparty #nyeparty #salburnhouse #fyp

"Dancing round my fiancés family home like…" another user wrote, while in the video she bopped around each room of the house.


Dancing round my fiancés family home like… #saltburn #statelyhome #murderonthedancefoor #dancing #saltburnmovie #fyp #foryoupage

"me after watching saltburn," a woman wrote as she also displayed her dance moves inside her big house decked out for Christmas.


me after watching saltburn #saltburn #saltburnmovie #saltburnfilm

"Pov: family Christmas is giving Saltburn," someone else wrote as they showed what December 25 looks like in their home that shares the film's aesthetic.

Though the trend has left some viewers unimpressed as they point out that those posting their Saltburn-looking homes are misunderstanding the point of the film which seeks to satire the upper class in all its absurdity.

One person wrote: "It’s amazing how many people didn’t understand the point of Saltburn."

"All the money in the world but don’t get the narrative being the movie!" another person said.

Someone else added: "This proves that Saltburn grasps the ignorance that certain people have about themselves."

"It’s really something to boast about your wealth when there’s a cost of living crisis," a fourth person commented.

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