Health expert reveals the correct way to take a poo

Person is teaching their dog to use the toilet!

A health expert has revealed how to have good bowel hygiene - and her tips have gone viral.

Posting on TikTok, Roslyn Kent provided detailed instructions for doing proper poos in a video that has accrued some 1.3 million views.

Kent said people should fully empty their bowels every day and if they don't, they are probably constipated.

“That’s going to explain all of the bloating, the food sensitivities, the fatigue, the hormone imbalances and some of the other chronic symptoms you’ve been getting that have felt ‘unexplained,'” she said.

Next she gave tips about a test people can do at home called the “transit test.”

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“Eat a half cup of corn at dinner and also have a tablespoon of white sesame seeds stirred in water,” Kent advised.

“Drink that back at the same meal and see if they show up in the toilet the next morning.”

Kent also said if people have to wipe a lot after doing a number two they are probably not fully emptying their bowels.

She added that the “volume” of your bowel movement will tell you “everything you need to know” about how much waste you’re eliminating.

“We want to be aiming for a high-volume bowel movement every single day,” Kent declared. “You should feel satisfied and complete after your bowel movement.”


Are you fully eliminating your bowels every day? 🌽💩🧻 most people don’t consider constipation if they’re pooping on the daily, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t backed up! Here’s how to tell. #pooping #bowelmovement #constipation #constipated #constipationrelief #constipationremedy #guthealthy #guthealthcoach #guthealthmatters #guthealthiseverything

People in the comments were fascinated by her insights.

"I have always wondered if I'm pooping my full potential," one said.

"That feeling of euphoria after a mega dump is scientific!" another declared. "I feel vindicated!"

A third overshared: "I only do very little bowel movements very tiny pebbles".

And a fourth ambitious person wrote: "I hope I'm pooping to my full potential."

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