Sushi restaurant customers shocked after receiving bill

Sushi restaurant customers shocked after receiving bill

Sushi restaurant customers shocked after receiving bill

TikTok/leon.aa and iStockphoto by Getty Images

A group of friends at a sushi restaurant were enjoying their food at a sushi restaurant - that is until the bill came and their reaction to the price went viral on TikTok...

In the video posted by Amber (@leon.aa), the pals can be seen glancing over at the bill when it was brought over to their table as they began to nervously laugh at how much they will need to cough up.

"Guys, I thought it was like $70," one friend can be heard saying, severely underestimating the bill which came to $200 in total.

“POV: You keep grabbing plates at a revolving sushi restaurant without checking the price of each plate and finally get the bill," Amber wrote in the video

She added in the caption: "It was in fact not $70


it was in fact not $70 #fyp #kura #sushi #revolvingsushibar

Since sharing the clip, it has received 10.6m views, 1m likes and over a thousand comments from people who weighed in with their thoughts and reactions.

One person wrote: "that man’s already checking his bank account across the table."

"$200 at a REVOLVING sushi that’s insane," another person said.

Someone else added: "$200 for 4 people is not that bad, that’s basically $50 a person. For sushi that’s pretty good."

To which she replied: "Yeah wasn’t horrific we just didn't expect it to be that much, my friend and I also decided to just cover it and split it two ways because we were mainly the ones grabbing all the plates."

"$50/person for REVOLVING sushi, not a high quality place is crazy unless they literally stuffed themselves sick," a third person commented.

The TikToker responded: "EXACTLY that’s why we were so shocked, I spend like 125 for four people at an sushi restaurant with AMAZING quality."

While a head server at a sushi restaurant also gave their take: "I’m the head server of a Kura sushi and people routinely try to argue with me over their bill for this exact reason."

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