The Ghostface TikTok trend explained

The Ghostface TikTok trend explained
Scream 6: The Most Ruthless Ghostface (Featurette)
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Halloween is just around the corner and so it's no surprise there is usually a horror-themed TikTok trend and in the past it's involved Scream's Ghostface ahead of the spooky season.

This trend is all about TikTok users changing their profile pictures to the iconic (and creepy) Ghostface mask just in time for October 31.

As a result, those taking part will then follow up to thousands of people who also have the Ghostface mask as their profile photo so people can gain followers as they join the "Scream Cult."

It first became a trend back in 2021 when thousands changed their profile image to Ghostface before Halloween to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Scream film set to hit cinemas in January 2022.

This occurred following the drop of the trailer on October 12, as fans of the franchise participated in the trend to share their excitement for the latest movie.

However, Ghostface isn't the first character TikTok users changed their profile picture to in their masses, as previous images included singer Lana Del Rey and random hamsters.

Now with it being Halloween soon, there is more Scream and Ghostface content appearing on the platform - so if you keep seeing accounts with Ghostface popping up, then you'll know why...

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